اَلإخْوانُ أفْضَلُ العُدَدِ۔

Brothers are the best of assets [in times of hardship].



Brothers are the best of assets [in times of hardship].

— Imam Ali a.s.
(Ghurar al-Hikam: The Brother, The Friend, The Associate And The Companion)

Personal Reflection

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. Praise be to Allah, the Lord of all worlds. May peace and blessings be upon our beloved Prophet Muhammad (), his pure progeny, and his noble companions.

The hadith of Imam Ali (عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ) states,

Brothers are the best of assets [in times of hardship].

This thought-provoking saying emphasizes the importance of unity and brotherhood among Muslims, particularly during challenging times. Let us delve into the exegesis of this hadith, drawing upon the teachings of the Quran to gain a deeper understanding.

The word (ikhwan) "إخْوانُ" in the hadith refers to brothers, which can be understood both in a literal sense as well as in a broader context of brotherhood in faith. This term encompasses the bond of brotherhood that exists among Muslims, regardless of their race, nationality, or social status. It highlights the significance of unity and solidarity within the Muslim community.

The phrase (afdalul 'udad) "أفْضَلُ العُدَدِ" translates to

the best of assets.

Here, Imam Ali (عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ) emphasizes the immense value and importance of brothers in times of hardship. Just as assets are valuable resources that provide support and assistance, brothers in faith serve as a source of strength, comfort, and assistance during challenging times.

The Quranic teachings further reinforce the significance of brotherhood among Muslims. In Surah Al-Hujurat (49:10), Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ) says,

The believers are but brothers, so make peace between your brothers and fear Allah that you may receive mercy.

This verse emphasizes the unity and brotherhood that should exist among believers, urging them to reconcile any disputes and maintain harmonious relationships. It highlights the importance of brotherhood as a means to attain Allah's mercy.

Additionally, in Surah Al-Isra (17:70), Allah (سُبْحَانَهُ وَتَعَالَىٰ) states,

And We have certainly honored the children of Adam and carried them on the land and sea and provided for them of the good things and preferred them over much of what We have created, with [definite] preference.

This verse highlights the inherent dignity and honor bestowed upon all human beings, emphasizing the equality and brotherhood that should exist among them.

The exegesis of this hadith reveals profound insights into the importance of brotherhood in Islam. Brothers in faith are not only a source of support and assistance but also serve as a means to attain Allah's mercy and blessings. They provide strength, comfort, and guidance during times of hardship, reminding us of the unity and solidarity that should prevail within the Muslim community.

Imam Ali's (عَلَيْهِ ٱلسَّلَامُ) statement serves as a reminder for Muslims to prioritize their relationships with one another, fostering a sense of brotherhood and unity. By standing together and supporting each other, Muslims can overcome challenges and strive towards a stronger and more harmonious community. Let us reflect upon this profound teaching and strive to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood within our own lives, for it is through unity that we can achieve true success and prosperity as Muslims.

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